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In Liar's Poker barbarians seized control of the bond markets. In The New New Thing some guys from Silicon Valley redefined the American economy. Now, with his knowing eye and wicked pen, Michael Lewis reveals how the Internet boom has encouraged great change in the way we live, work, and think. He finds that we are in the midst of one of the greatest revolutions in the history of the world, and the Internet is a weapon in the hands of revolutionaries. The old priesthoods-lawyers, investment gurus, professionals in general-have been toppled. The amateur, or individual, is king: fourteen-year-old children manipulate the stock market; nineteen-year-old take down the music industry; and wrestlers get elected to public office. Deep, unseen forces seek to undermine all forms of collectivism, from the mass market to the family. Where does it all lead? And will we like where we end up?

Michael Lewis
hr min
July 31
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

theleftwing99 ,

A good audiobook

I'm a veteran of Lewis by now; I have enjoyed reading him and felt that a long trip would be great for an audio book of his. Lewis reads his own book and I think that greatly adds to the tone and presentation of this work of non-fiction. In "Next," Lewis tries first figure out how to show how the internet (mainly the World Wide Web) has changed society, and then present it in his normal way of anecdotes and stories that make the topic easily readable and not boring or stuffy.
After finding out how the Internet has changed society, he goes on to try and find out where this will lead, how the future will change and what consequences this may cause. For all those wanting an interesting and thought-provoking study on our society as the internet has changed it, this is a great book to read.

themediamogul ,

Great stories about the Net

I really enjoyed this audiobook. I went thought it in 2 days. Michael Lewis is a very compelling speaker and his way with words is captivating. The stories inside this book really kept me enthralled. Well done!

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