Night's Gift

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Young Omen Daenoth cannot control his deadly supernatural powers. The only thing keeping him from inadvertently destroying everyone and everything around him is a dragon-forged artifact. But when the item is stolen, Omen can either give up his freedom and admit he's a monster, or find a way to rein in his chaotic psionics.

Terrified his devastating power will kill an innocent, Omen enters into a shady deal with an undead alchemist and fights his way through the fabled, underground Night Games of the arcane city of Hex to retrieve what he has lost.

When he inadvertently frees a talking cat, his erratic powers may be the only weapon capable of protecting this new companion from savage creatures out for feline blood. Can Omen protect the cat and the people of Hex, or will he be forever lost to darkness?

Kids & Young Adults
P. J. Ochlan
hr min
August 23
Blackstone Audio

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a fun and exciting fantasy novel for young adults and adults alike

Omen has the power to move objects with his mind.  The problem is he can’t control it and often causes more problems than he solves.  Determined to get away from his controlling royal parents, he takes off into the city Hex.  His adventures start instantly as a thief steels his warding bracelet and the prince of Hex steps in just in time to save an old merchant from Omen’s uncontrolled powers.  Little do either know, this is just the beginning of a long night of deadly adventures.

The action is ceaseless as Omen and the prince track down the thief and his necromancer boss.  They only have to retrieve one special item for the rotting alchemist to give it back.  Of course, that one thing requires getting something else, which requires getting something else and so on.  Soon they find themselves fighting dead giants, a witch, a merman, evil bird things and a dozen other monsters all trying to kill them.

There is literally no break in the action, one adventure leading to the next.  It is fantasy fun as the two friends discover more about themselves and their growing trust in each other.  The youthful protagonists and the nature of the adventures makes this a great choice for young adults.  There is a lighthearted tone to the story that softens the violence enough to not keep kids up at night.  You know the friends will prevail in the end, just not how.

The story is performed by P. J. Ochlan, who is just brilliant.  His voice is smooth as silk and infinitely malleable to the many characters.  The lighthearted tone of the story comes through just right for the young adult listener, but enjoyable for adults as well.  The character voices are all easily differentiated and appropriate for each.  Certainly any listener’s favorite will be the cute, deadly kitten with a Scottish accent.  How fun is that?

This is a fun and exciting fantasy novel for young adults and adults alike who enjoy their fantasy lighthearted.  Though part of a series of unknown length, it wraps up completely, leaving only enough mystery to entice the listener for future adventures.  Recommended.

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