Nightworld Academy: Term Five: Nightworld Academy, Book 5 (Unabridged‪)‬

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One night with the Blackwood witches changes everything.

The Blackwood family and their magic have edged our lives since Jamie discovered the pendant. Now, they've found me, and I'm in more danger than ever. Trapped with Tobias inside the Blackwood estate, I'm subjected to the family's chilling magic and meet their disturbing associates.

Andrei, Jamie, and Ash take a dangerous risk in their attempt to rescue me from an unknown fate and only succeed with help from an unexpected source. Are there others we can rely on to help beat the threat against us, or do these people have a different agenda?

I struggle to cope with the after-effects of events at the Blackwoods, and my reality and visions start to blur. What can I hear inside the academy that nobody else can - is this connected to Jamie's discovery about the building's history?

I'm closer to Ash after last term's difficulties, and Jamie opens up more. My romance with Andrei becomes more intense, and my relationship with Tobias reaches a whole new level of "it's complicated".

One thing is sure: Whoever tried to break us hasn't succeeded because the five of us are closer than ever. The guys are determined to protect me and will do whatever they need to help strengthen my magic. We'll need that strength and unity because we're facing something bigger than a war between Confederacy and Dominion forces. 

Nightworld Academy: Term Five is the fifth book in the paranormal academy series from USA Today best-selling author LJ Swallow. If you love a fierce heroine who learns to accept her life, delicious guys who love and protect her, and a supernatural academy world filled with magic, mystery, romance, and danger, check out the series today. This series is a slow-burn YA/NA reverse harem.

Kids & Young Adults
Sarah L. Colton, Steve Campbell
hr min
December 31
LJ Swallow

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