Nightworld Academy: Term Four (Unabridged‪)‬

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A murder on campus divides the houses, and the hidden prejudices between the races spill out into mistrust and violence. Life at the Nightworld Academy will never be the same. 

Who murdered Lorna, and who framed Andrei? Proving his innocence may be harder and more dangerous than we imagined, but I'm determined to clear Andrei's name.

But helping Andrei isn't our only problem.

First, I discover my relationship with Jamie is more complicated than we both realized, and that he has a more significant role to play in my life. But I've seen his death again, and this time, I know where he dies.

Then, Tobias finally opens up, and our relationship hits a new level of complicated. Tobias can strengthen my powers, but with dangerous consequences for both of us.

Ash continues to struggle with Vincent's control and with the after-effects of his night away from the academy. As Vincent takes advantage of the unrest between the houses to segregate Gilgamesh, we uncover the darker side of his plans.

But there's more to these events than a shifter with an agenda and a vampire framed for murder. The pieces won't fit into place yet, but I'm no longer sure if the Confederacy or the Dominion is our greatest threat.

As we grow stronger, we become determined that nobody will succeed in tearing us apart. But how far will our enemies go to stop our group uniting into the powerful opponents they fear?

We're facing our most dangerous term yet, and I'm frightened we might not all survive.

Nightworld Academy: Term Four is the fourth book in this upper YA/NA series of magic academy books. The main characters are 18 or older, and this is a slow burn RH. Contains mature content. Scroll up and buy now to continue this gripping new academy series filled with magic, mayhem and romance!

Please note: As the series is set at a magic school in England, the books feature British English.

Sarah L. Colton, Steve Campbell
hr min
April 7
Lisa Swallow

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