No Mere Zombie: Deathless, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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The sun has wiped out nearly all technology in the largest coronal mass ejection in history. In its wake comes the zombie apocalypse. The dead have risen, and they are hungry.

Yet there are greater threats than the walking dead. The deathless have returned, slumbering in the same Arks that carried the werewolves into the present. If they are not stopped they will build a massive necropolis in the remains of San Francisco, and the entire continent will pay the price.

Only the few werewolves created before the apocalypse stand between humanity and annihilation. Yet they are outnumbered and alone. Their only hope comes from the very enemy that sought to stop their creation, Mohn Corp.

The Deathless Saga:

Book 0: The First Ark
Book 1: No Such Thing As Werewolves
Book 2: No Mere Zombie
Book 3: Vampires Don't Sparkle (October, 2015)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Ryan Kennard Burke
hr min
June 4
Christopher T Fox

Customer Reviews ,

I really enjoyed this listen

First, the recap of “Previously On Deathless” was great….cracked me up while listening. This was again an awesome mix of adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Mythology all in one action packed story. After the cliffhanger in No Such Thing as Werewolves I had been hoping this one would jump right in so we could see what happens with Trevor….but we have to wait 5 chapters….which was okay as this one was not slow in the beginning at all.

I really enjoyed this listen; the narrator was awesome and did a fabulous job with all the characters. We are introduced to new characters and encounter some characters we thought were dead are not….

Trevor become’s Irakesh’s thrall….Cynthia comes across them while she is out searching for Trevor and decides to hitch her wagon with them (she has a thing for Trevor), Trevor is slowly becoming more himself but with all the freaky Deathless features and Cynthia becomes completely psycho…..Blair, Liz, Jordan & Bridgett are on the trail of Irakesh to keep him from getting The Ark of the Redwoods…… it was a wild ride from Peru to San Francisco and I can’t wait for more, it sucked that it took so long for Trevor to be able to join Liz & Blair’s side….I feel like I am saying this a lot lately but I’m not sure how to say all the cool things about this story that I want to say without giving major spoilers so I will end it with this, if you enjoyed No Such Thing as Werewolves then you will LOVE No Mere Zombie so go out and grab the book or audio and enjoy the ride.

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