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Bill O’Reilly is even madder today than when he wrote his last book, The O’Reilly Factor, and his fans love him even more. He’s mad because things have gone from bad to worse in politics, in Hollywood, in every social stratum of the nation. True to its title, The No Spin Zone cuts through all the rhetoric that some of O’Reilly’s most infamous guests have spewed to expose what’s really on their minds, while sharing plenty of his own emphatic counterpoints along the way.

Shining a searing spotlight on public figures from President George W. Bush and Senator Hillary Clinton to the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to his former CBS News colleague Dan Rather, The No Spin Zone is laced with the kind of straight-shooting commentary that has made O’Reilly the voice of middle America’s disenfranchised.

Bill O'Reilly
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January 2
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Customer Reviews

TNRockerGrrl73 ,

Ummm....yeah...spell check, anyone?!

Great book...idiot first reviewer. I'm glad you didn't spend your money on this book, either. I'm sure he is, as well! Perhaps you could invest in spell check instead? It's "lying," not "lieing," and "epitomy," not "epitamy!!" It's obvious that you only "reviewed" the book to slander someone that you obviously know nothing about. Why not try listening to his radio show, watching his t.v. show, and, dare I say it? READ the books before you attempt to give an opinion?! Stop following blindly after your fellow liberals, and learn to educate yourself on which you bloviate, first!

Marc K ,

Great Book

Not surprised the far lefties are giving a poor review to a book they never read. Too bad. It might do them some good to get their information from someone other that George Soros and Neil Young. Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

Slick Willie Beamen ,


You are both wrong, there is no such word as epitomy, its epitome. I guess it's that Fox News education right? Watch something that doesnt brainwash you.

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