Nothing to Lose: A Jack Reacher Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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Two lonely towns in Colorado: Hope and Despair. Between them, twelve miles of empty road. Jack Reacher never turns back. It's not in his nature. All he wants is a cup of coffee. What he gets is big trouble. So in Lee Child’s electrifying new novel, Reacher—a man with no fear, no illusions, and nothing to lose—goes to war against a town that not only wants him gone, it wants him dead.

It wasn’t the welcome Reacher expected. He was just passing through, minding his own business. But within minutes of his arrival a deputy is in the hospital and Reacher is back in Hope, setting up a base of operations against Despair, where a huge, seething walled-off industrial site does something nobody is supposed to see . . . where a small plane takes off every night and returns seven hours later . . . where a garrison of well-trained and well-armed military cops—the kind of soldiers Reacher once commanded—waits and watches . . . where above all two young men have disappeared and two frightened young women wait and hope for their return.

Joining forces with a beautiful cop who runs Hope with a cool hand, Reacher goes up against Despair—against the deputies who try to break him and the rich man who tries to scare him—and starts to crack open the secrets, starts to expose the terrifying connection to a distant war that’s killing Americans by the thousand.

Now, between a town and the man who owns it, between Reacher and his conscience, something has to give. And Reacher never gives an inch.

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Dick Hill
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June 3
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Customer Reviews

Thriller PRO ,

Another Great Jack Reacher Novel

The only thing I don't like about this series is waiting for the next one!

J. Steven ,

Reacher is still Reacher, but...

Reacher's unique character stays intact, but this episode of his wanderings dips a little too far into "Twilight Zone" territory: a town full of cartoonish residents... unconvincing complexities introduced but never really explored. The usual cogent observations on the little things we all take for granted are still there, (the shape of coffee cups, the sidewalk displays in front of hardware stores). Gone is any sense of danger, risk, or rage. Some will be upset by our hero's newly explored cynicism about the Military he used to be a part of and will find it hard to swallow. I was fine with this element, but you will enjoy the whole series much more if you start with any of the other books, which I rate 4 and 5 star.

reacher fan ,

Nothing to Lose ... but the time wasted reading this

I am a great fan of Lee Child and her Jack Reacher character, but this one was ridiculous. While his exploits in the past were on the verge of unbelievable, his in this book are so far past reality as to be silly. For example, driving through a small town (Despair) at night being pursued by two police cars, he frequently sees them but they never see him.

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