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Stephen Friedman is just inches away from everything he could ever desire. It's Los Angeles in the early 70s, and Friedman is living the groovy southern California life of a real-estate wheeler dealer. He's making money hand-over-fist and has long given up hope of finding the family he's lost in worn-torn Poland.

But when a deceased woman's papers reveal that she possessed a priceless religious relic, and that she may have been his mother, Stephen becomes hungry for answers. A hunger that may kill him.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Rob Lamont
hr min
February 15
Oasis Audio

Customer Reviews

Buggs Bunny ,


Who doesn't love treasure hunting ?
This book is eccelent.It is a little slower in the beginning than most of Ted's work but every bit of it is neccesary.This book is about a man whose found out there is a JEW KILLER on the loose and a secret trasure he wants to find.It is based in two time zones THE HOLOCAUST and PRESENT DAY AMERICA.This book goes into great detale to show us just how auful the holocaust was and how the people were treated especially the women.It is truely gripping and heart wrenching at the same time.I most certainly love this and all of Ted's books.

ClassicRockChick1 ,

A very riveting, highly recommended!!

This book rocks! Ted Dekker is a masterful storyteller; he weaves an intriguing story that comprises suspense, drama and a love story, all into one book. There were even parts of this book that really touched my heart (particularly the parts involving the holocaust victims). Anyone who reads it will not be disappointed, and I know I wasn't!

mandeepaige ,

highly recomended!

My mom and and sister had read this book before I did. My mom suggest i read it because I am interested in WW2 and the Holocaust. I couldn't put it down. I had to fight myself to read my book for English. I read it every chance I got and want to read it again. It was this book and Thr3e that got my mom, my sisters, a friend, and I hooked on Ted Dekker. He is a brilliant author. Definately worth it.

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