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Do you have trouble setting or accomplishing your career goals? Do you wish you knew how to manage your team better and get them to commit to your bold vision?

The truth is...the majority of managers are simply not very good at goal-setting. Because, they were never taught how to do it properly. Most corporate goals are never completed on time, and even your highly skilled employees are often not working on essential tasks during the workday.

The solution lies in understanding that goals must be paired with well-defined metrics - in a framework specially designed to keep your team on track and working (harmoniously) toward your corporate vision. The name of this framework is a new goal-setting and management technique called OKR. After listening, you'll understand why so many Silicon Valley companies (like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter) have enthusiastically adopted these methods with great success.

These audiobooks will teach you how to set goals, be more productive, and lead your team to great success! Often, all of the ingredients you need to turn a good company into a great company are already located within your office walls!

Audiobook one: Goal Setting & Team Management with OKR

Find out:

How to implement the OKR goal-setting and goal-tracking framework designed to keep your team on track
What is the one attribute of traditional goal-setting that causes so many projects to fail
What is the trick to project management that enables you to topple the most difficult challenges
How to set up a system to increase employee accountability and motivation
How to harmonize your employee goals, so you can turn them into a crew of relentless visionaries

Audiobook two: How to Be a Good Boss and a Leader


Why bosses like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are so good at inspiring people to be their best
How to challenge your team to be more productive and autonomous
What are the essential psychological attributes that separate the good leaders from the great leaders
What are the five management principles that all great bosses follow
How to nurture your mind (via sleep and meditation), so you can stay calm and collected in any stressful situation

If you want to become the successful boss (that your employees admire), then get the audiobook now! 

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John Gleason
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July 18
Thomas Pearson