On the Hunt for the Wizard King: Age of Wizards, Book 2 (Unabridged) On the Hunt for the Wizard King: Age of Wizards, Book 2 (Unabridged)

On the Hunt for the Wizard King: Age of Wizards, Book 2 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $21.99

Publisher Description

In the Age of Wizards, uncontrolled power could be her undoing...and an ancient prophecy is destined to come true.  

Her magic is untouched.

When Sunnie Burke rushes home after the unexpected death of her father, she is determined to find the truth. Instead she discovers her mother has disappeared and her father may not be dead after all. An old family friend, Caleb O'Brien, offers to help solve the mystery, but he is not what he seems. He evades her questions, leading Sunnie to suspect he's hiding something. Desperate to lose him, she returns to her childhood home and discovers a portal in an antique steamer trunk leading her to the mystical realm of Faery...and an enchanted staff that unleashes the untapped magic inside her.  

His magic is corrupt.

Caleb O'Brien has watched Sunnie Burke grow into adulthood and make a name for herself in Hollywood. But when the beautiful starlet returns home determined to find the truth about her parents, he's desperate to keep her from the portal leading into Faery. Sunnie's untapped Fae magic surfaces with a wildness she cannot control, and when her sudden sifting leads her right to the portal in the trunk, Caleb has no choice but to follow her. He quickly discovers he can't protect her from the dark magic in the enchanted staff, no more than he can control his own dark magic swirling inside him, forcing him to face his cryptic past.  

Now in the land of Fae, the two are at the mercy of a cruel sorceress whose malevolent machinations threaten the lives of the only people Sunnie ever truly loved - her family. The longer her dark magic consumes her, the more it puts all their lives in peril and the more Sunnie's true self dissolves. An ancient prophecy holds the key - only one person can break the spell and release her. Caleb is determined to find that person...even if it means sacrificing everything Sunnie holds dear.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Katherine Jane Willis
hr min
August 10
Michelle Miles