Once a Myth (Unabridged‪)‬

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"There was a boy once. A boy who wasn’t strong enough to save me when I was taken."

"There was a girl once. A girl called Tess Snow who sat with me in the dark, waiting to be sold. There was an owner once. An owner who bought me, entrapped me, and made me his unwilling goddess."

Eleanor Grace is a naïve dreamer. Trusting and young, she believes her travel-loving boyfriend can save her when her freedom is snatched and sold. Squirrelled away to an island at dawn, delivered to a man even darkness won’t touch, she’s bound by a contract.

Four men.

Four fantasies.

Four pieces of her soul.

Sullivan Sinclair is the giver of fantasies. Any wish, any desire - he is the master at quenching even the filthiest appetites. His private paradise and perfectly trained goddesses are there for one purpose: to ensure every guest is extremely well satisfied.

He bought her.

He trapped her.

She belongs to him.

Sarah Puckett, Scott Rider
hr min
February 25
Pepper Winters

Customer Reviews

06bec ,

A must read!

Fantastic series!

Bette H ,

Outstanding Story & Narration🎧 Dark, Twisted & Intense!

Once a Myth
By: Pepper Winters
Narrated by: Sarah Puckett, Scott Rider

Wow, this book blew me away. Pepper Winters is a phenomenal writer of dark romance, her stories are captivating and addictive, you get so engrossed in it that nothing else matters except what is going to happen next in her book. Oh and what a dark and twisted world she brings you into, one that may be out of your comfort zone but you just can’t help yourself but to continue reading or listening. Eleanor Grace, a young lady enjoying life back packing around the world until to have the world come crumbling down on her. One minute she is in the kitchen of the hostel she is staying in with her boyfriend, the next she is being held prisoner with several other girls. But she is not like the other girls she stands up for herself, keeps her head high and waits for the right time to fight for her freedom. But that chance did not come, she finds herself sold and sent to a tropical island. Sullivan Sinclair, the mastermind, the creator of paradise for those who could afford it, a place where all fantasies are fulfilled. He thinks he is God, he is manipulative and controlling, he turned his captives to willing Goddesses to serve those who could afford it. He may have a brilliant mind, a dark and twisted one, but he sure has met his match in his newest captive, Eleanor Grace. He named her Jinx because she is getting under his skin and becoming his biggest temptation. He holds back afraid to give in, afraid of letting that side out. I loved how everything plays out in this book, it is intense at times and there is never a dull moment with plenty of drama, angst, thrilling suspense and an inner battle of feelings that neither one wants or will admit. Winter Peppers, thank you for this fantastic story, I am looking forward to next book in the series “Twice a Wish”.

Sarah Puckett and Scott Rider are awesome narrators and voice artists. They bring these characters to life, giving each their own voice and personality. They did an amazing job portraying the characters, humanizing them, capturing their emotions and projecting them into their performance. Sarah grasped Eleanor’s strength, Scott’s Sully Sinclair was spot on too. They are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this fantastic listen🎧

Thank you 🎧@AudiobookObsession #AudiobookObsession #AudiobookObsessionReviewer🎧

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