One That Got Away: Unchained by Destiny (Unabridged‪)‬

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From bats in the hallway to a diploma on the wall, this is Michael Ewing’s story and how he went from the projects to university.

From growing up in broken-up tenements, bats in the halls, dope fiends in the stairwell to eluding jail, going to war, psychological breakdown, and death. Michael Ewing reflects on the potential hardships he had bypassed in his book, One That Got Away: Unchained by Destiny.

Ewing shares his life in this autobiography to be an example and inspiration for people trying to make it in life. Recounting the days from his childhood, Ewing perfectly paints a picture of a blissful and active child. He had gone through a challenging but colorful life. He always had his ways of making ends meet for himself. He was undoubtedly an intelligent kid, from presenting to watch over cars during events in the neighborhood to holding a paper route. He also had a very active lifestyle with his innate interest in sports. His love of sports developed his competitive spirit, and it helped take him further in life than he initially imagined. His life is truly a testament to wit, perseverance, and a stroke of luck.

He had a lot of things to be proud of. That includes being the first one to make it to college in the family. His peers during his days at the University of Wisconsin brought an impact on who he is today. He fought against social injustice and shared good memories with his brothers from the Beta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, where he became the third polemarch.

However, Ewing also had his fair share of mishaps. From refusing to be one-upped by a lady through taking LSD to be too complacent with job hunting. These are things that carry more than just added entertainment. The younger generations can certainly learn lessons from him.

One That Got Away, written in a very candid and natural tone, Ewing’s book can capture the admiration of the masses. He was able to show off his achievements while preserving a humble style perfectly and, at the same time, teach the importance of standing your ground and making the right choices.

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