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Americans, as we put a spoonful of food to our mouths, millions of our fellow Americans cannot feed themselves or their children. The Republican politicians alike have lethargically responded to Americans living in abject conditions.

They seem to be more concern about the federal deficit than about the poverty deficit that is leaving many Americans to suffer or even die. Across America, politicians are asking Americans for their votes while children are going to bed hungry at night.

Poverty is major concern in the United States, and poverty is a problem that will one day destroy the lives of millions and force the wealthy to live in fear. America has treated poor Americans like an unopened bill, afraid to know what it is, therefore, throw it away or attend to it when they can. Well, my fellow Americans, poverty and poor conditions exist, and now it is time to tell this government that we care about every American, because America's future depends on it.

This government misunderstands and miscalculates the conditions of the poor, and since poverty destroys everything that psychologically and physically makes a person whole, it induces impoverished individuals to commit crime. Author Raymond Sturgis has written another masterpiece that will arouse the conscious of America to pay more attention to the poor and homeless people of this great nation.

This book is not to criticize or point fingers; however, it mainly corroborates the lives of people in their realistic ways of life, walking aimlessly every day, begging for food and crying because they have no home or decent shelter to protect them from the cold. Have you lost your job or home, or know someone that has? Order this book and feel the words of sadness of many Americans that are barely living in this rich nation.

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Trevor Clinger
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November 20
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