Only Murder (A Sadie Price FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1‪)‬

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Special Agent Sadie Price, a 29-year-old rising star in the FBI’s BAU unit, stuns her colleagues by requesting reassignment to the FBI’s remote Alaskan field office. Back in her home state, a place she vowed she would never return, Sadie, running from a secret in her recent past and back into her old one, finds herself facing her demons—including her sister’s unsolved murder—while assigned to hunt down a new serial killer.

Two women are found dead in a remote area of Northern Alaska, near Sadie’s hometown, floating under the ice, their bodies preserved, much the same way Sadie’s own murdered sister was found—a memory that still plagues her. The case strikes way too close to home, blurring Sadie’s judgment, stirring up memories of her estranged father and murdered sister, memories she’s not ready to grapple with.

This part of Alaska—icy, rough, remote, populated by outcasts—proves impenetrable even for a seasoned FBI agent like Sadie. The killer, matching his landscape, is more sinister and smart than anyone Sadie has encountered. Amidst the perplexing clues, Sadie remains sure of only one thing: he will strike again.

Against her wishes, Sadie must team up with Sheriff Logan Cooper—single, begrudging, and with a dark past of his own. Together, they must enter the canals of this killer’s twisted mind and seek help from the locals, however hostile, to solve the pattern of these murders before another girl turns up dead.

With a major storm coming, can Sadie solve the murders before it’s too late? Or will she end up as the next body floating under the ice? An action-packed page-turner, the SADIE PRICE series is a riveting crime thriller, jammed with suspense, surprises and twists and turns that you won’t see coming. It will have you fall in love with a brilliant and scarred new character, while challenging you, amidst a barren landscape, to solve an impenetrable crime.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Kate Burns
hr min
October 29
Lukeman Literary Management

Customer Reviews

PelicanFreak ,

BAD performance, good story.

I love a good mystery, plus I thought the cover was pretty—that made for my first venture into Rylie Dark and I expect it won’t be my last.

Managed to grip me from the beginning since it basically started out with a body … the Alaskan setting absolutely made it more intriguing. I’m not sure what it is about books set in Alaska but I’ve got a thing for them … is it just me?

I enjoyed the strong female lead, a detective / expert who, realistically, faces lots of adversity from her peers … it’s a good, quick read. Lots of ‘police procedural’ going on.

4 stars.
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

This narrators was awful, if you’re picky BEWARE … she sounds like a robot. I actually thought it was a robot, but I see a human is credited with it.

The book was good, but I had to force myself to NOT tune out the awful narrator. I would listen to more from this author IF she uses a different narrator. Also , she repeatedly pronounced Inuit as “in - you - it” , which did NOT help w/ the robotic-vibe. Extremely cringe, and it came up A LOT.

1-star—I can’t even call it a performance, as it was literally just a robot-style dictation—narration.


Ms.LaShell ,

Great Read

Suspense was really good. Will not be a spoiler but great Author.

JamieTrude ,

Just okay…

While the story is pretty good, I did not enjoy the narration at all. Ruined it a bit for me. I’d either read the next book (or select audio again with a different narrator).

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