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Prohibition. Al Capone. The President Harding scandals. The revolution of manners and morals. Black Tuesday. These are only an inkling of the events and figures characterizing the wild, tumultuous era that was the Roaring Twenties. Originally published in 1931, Only Yesterday traces the rise of post–World War I prosperity up to the Wall Street crash of 1929 against a colorful backdrop of jazz, flappers, speakeasies, the first radio, and the scandalous rise of skirt hemlines. In this span between armistice and depression, Americans were kicking up their heels, but they were also bringing about major changes in the social and political structure of their country.

Hailed as an instant classic, this is Frederick Lewis Allen’s vivid and definitive account of one of the twentieth century’s most fascinating decades, chronicling a time of both joy and terror—when dizzying highs were quickly succeeded by heartbreaking lows. It is a fond, witty, penetrating biography of this restless decade—a delightful reminiscence for those who can remember and a fascinating firsthand look for those who have only heard.

Grover Gardner
hr min
August 6
Blackstone Audio

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twoThePoint ,

Dont buy!!!! horrible Echo in the back ground

I like the way the man reads this book but, after the first 4 chapters there is a VERY NOTICEABLE ECHO in the back ground. It is very distracting and I can't believe it was released this way. I have tried to use some audio software to fix it but, it's STILL THERE. A few classmates of mine are having the same problem. This book in my opinion is annoying with this (proper) run-on sentences (I have the paperback book to follow along) and the authors opinions about things that are a little biased. If you are listening to this for enjoy instead of a class to study then, it is a somewhat informatively CASUAL read. To pick it apart for a class is quite annoying with ONE SENTENCE A HALF A PAGE. Seriously try another audio book if you can find it.

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