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For the past twenty-five years, no one has been better at revealing secrets than Oprah Winfrey. On what is arguably the most influ¬ential show in television history, she has gotten her guests—often the biggest celebrities in the world—to bare their love lives, explore their painful pasts, admit their transgressions, reveal their pleasures, and explore their demons. In turn, Oprah has repeatedly allowed her audience to share in her own life story, opening up about the sexual abuse in her past and discussing her romantic relationships, her weight problems, her spiritual beliefs, her charitable donations, and her strongly held views on the state of the world.

After a quarter of a century of the Oprah-ization of America, can there be any more secrets left to reveal?

Yes. Because Oprah has met her match.

Kitty Kelley has, over the same period of time, fear¬lessly and relentlessly investigated and written about the world’s most revered icons: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, England’s Royal Family, and the Bush dynasty. In her #1 bestselling biographies, she has exposed truths and exploded myths to uncover the real human beings that exist behind their manufac¬tured facades.

Turning her reportorial sights on Oprah, Kelley has now given us an unvarnished look at the stories Oprah’s told and the life she’s led. Kelley has talked to Oprah’s closest family members and business associates. She has obtained court records, birth certificates, financial and tax records, and even copies of Oprah’s legendary (and punishing) confidentiality agreements. She has probed every aspect of Oprah Winfrey’s life, and it is as if she’s written the most extraordinary segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show ever filmed—one in which Oprah herself is finally and fully revealed.

There is a case to be made, and it is certainly made in this book, that Oprah Winfrey is an important, and even great, figure of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. But there is also a case to be made that even greatness needs to be examined and put under a microscope. Fact must be separated from myth, truth from hype. Kitty Kelley has made that separation, showing both sides of Oprah as they have never been shown before. In doing so she has written a psychologically perceptive and meticulously researched book that will surprise and thrill everyone who reads it.

Biographies & Memoirs
Kitty Kelley
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April 13
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Customer Reviews

great read ,

Sensationalized and not a great portrayal of Oprah

Whether you choose to read this and believe it, is another story. I love Oprah and her Television show; her weight, sexuality, preference of sheet count and choice of how she lives her private life is not my concern. If you want a juicy story about America's first African American self made female billionaire, then this is your gig. I think it is an unfair "opinion" of a well known author.

Hampton Blu ,

Oprah is an icon

Oprah is an Icon! Should forever be honored! This book is insanely interesting though! WOW! Very shocked at what her father said! Read or listen to the book to find out!

BigCatRescue ,

I hope no one else gets conned into buying this book!

It is, bar none, the worst I have ever experienced. I have only once bought a copy of O and only once saw a clip from her show, so I do not know anything about Oprah other than the fact that she has built an empire and is known for being generous with her wealth. The book description led me to believe that I would learn something about the incredible woman who has made so much of her life, but from the opening sentences to the book's conclusion, the only thing that is apparent is that the author seems bitter and resentful that she never accomplished so much and is looking to even the score…and profit from doing it.

Kitty Kelley practically foams at the mouth as she spews hatred for this beloved icon and she uses, as her sources, a bunch of drug dealing, back biting low lifes who are equally despicable in the ways they have tried to profit from Oprah's fame and good business decisions by selling their stories, that no one would ever care to hear, in an effort to bring down the person who makes them shamefully aware of their own wasted potential. It is just so typical of those who never amount to anything to be ever searching for a way to bring down those who work hard to better themselves, and the world around them.

Kelley would probably be even angrier if she knew that her attempt to discredit Oprah only makes those who are smart enough to read between the lines, and who listen carefully to the tone Kelley uses in narrating her own words, think even more highly of Oprah as a woman who has done so much good and still manages to be a powerful force despite all of the hyenas nipping at her heels.

I'd like my money back because it pains me to have supported such an attack that would benefit the likes of this author.

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