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Ace King is a massively profitable hand. In fact, AK is in the top-5 percent of winning hands and accounts for a good chunk of your win rate. But despite that fact, many players are confused about how to approach this hand. Should you 3bet it preflop, or just call it? Should you play the suited and offsuit versions the same, or differently? Should you c-bet with air, or check instead? And how many streets of value is top pair really worth?  

Most players struggle with AK due to small leaks in their strategy. So Optimizing Ace King (OAK) doesn't look to give you a bunch of memorized plays and tactics. Instead, OAK shows you how AK fits within your strategy and ranges. This prepares you for playing AK, among other hands, in a variety of spots and under a variety of conditions.  

James "SplitSuit" Sweeney and Adam "W34Z3L" Jones co-wrote this book to take an in-depth look at poker strategy through the lens of a single hand. Concepts include 3betting, 4betting, cbetting, barreling, GTO vs. exploitative play, and deducing lines from GTO solver output.   

You will play AK 99.9 percent of the time you are dealt it, and since it makes up such a large chunk of your win rate, doesn't it make sense to strengthen your approach with it? Each chapter builds upon the last, walking you through preflop play, flop play (when you hit, miss, and flop draws), and turn + river play. Plus there is an entire chapter full of examples and a chapter dedicated strictly to tournaments.   

If your win rate with AK could use a boost, invest a few chips and see the ROI in no time at all!  

(The foreword is written by legendary poker author Ed Miller.)

James Sweeney
hr min
October 6
SplitSuit LLC

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Jackpot Poker is my new Fave ,

Thanks Split! Such detail #AK

AK can be interesting and volatile but when you read this you will be more able to maximize profit and minimize loss. It has sharpened my game when I get too exited about AK or any non paired non suited broadway type hand.

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