Options Trading for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Make Money by Applying Powerful Strategies to Earn a Permanent Income. Crash Course for Buying and Selling Options in a Short Time (Unabridged‪)‬

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Does the idea of making money easily through options trading excite you? Or probably you are already familiar with Options trading but you have not been winning as much as you had expected to.

If the above sentences describe you or the situation you're in, and you would want to learn how to win at Options Trading within the shortest possible time, then today can become your turning point.

Of course, some people go around claiming that it is impossible to trade options without losing, but that is a narrative you need to start forgetting because when you listen to this audiobook, you will find out the tips and tricks you need to follow in order to survive in this market. The instructions and advice in this audiobook are both for the newbie and veteran Options traders, who have a genuine desire to make a decent income.

This audiobook will explain everything an individual needs to learn concerning Options Trading, from the definition of industry specific terms to strategies the most experienced traders apply every time. As soon as you are through listening to this audiobook and implementing the tips and advice you will find therein, you should begin to witness positive results. 

This audiobook will cover the following areas:

We will begin with the definitions, types, and explanations of what Options are. We will detail the advantages Options Trading has over Stocks, and explain the reasons you should begin trading options today
We will explain the terminologies used in Options Trading, the primary uses for options investing, and then explain how to go about Rolling a short strangle, adjusting a butterfly to a condor, rolling a short call spread, rolling a covered call, rolling out a butterfly position, and rolling other positions
We will continue to explain in detail the common pricing models in Options Trading, how to calculate the interest rates and dividends, adopting the strategy for selling covered calls, and the outcomes of a covered sell
We will explore the strategy you need for buying calls, help you to understand the meanings and value of volatility, time value, and teach you how to trade options for profit
Since trading is often very emotional, we will teach you how to control your emotions, how to exercise your right to buy the stock, the best way to buy and sell puts, and everything you need to know about the moneyness of an option
We will explore what open interest, expiration and exercise, and delivery and settlement mean. Furthermore, we will explore the significance of extrinsic and intrinsic value in options trading
Since we are not oblivious of any risks, we will teach you the best ways to weigh option costs, assess the risk of leverage, and consider the risk and option parameters
Furthermore, we will even consider the strategies for making the best of a bad situation, how to repair Long and short call strategies, and  how to avoid the most common mistakes in Options Trading

The many stories and claims of people who say options trading is high risk, impossible to understand, or takes too long to make a profit will hold no water as soon as you are through listening to this audiobook.

Would you like to know everything you need concerning Options Trading?

Get this audiobook and commence your journey to financial freedom.

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February 26
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