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What could be the basics options of trading? What are the types of options trading? What are the advantages of trading in option? What are the components of an option contract? What are the fundamentals of the pricing options? How do you start trading in options? What are some of the tools required for trading? What are some of the risks of leverage? What are the advantages and disadvantages of trading leverage options? How much does it take to trade-in option? 

How can one trade intelligently? What are some of the features of technical analysis? What are the different types of graphs that could exist? What are some of the strategies that could be applied with technical analysis? How do one control emotions? What are some of the basics of psychology in trading options? What are some of the examples of trade? What could be the possible tips and suggestions that could be borrowed for success? What are some of the possible errors that can be avoided in options trading?

Options trading is meant to direct one on when there is more profit in the market and when the market is not making any progress at all. It will act as a tool that will provide leverage and will give possible accounts of how the market of the commodities is fairing on the outside. The option trading is supposed to be the contract between two parties who have sat and have to discuss what is entailed in the contract document and are now reading on the same script or have agreed on the terms of the contract. We have two types of options trading they are puts and calls.

Some of the reasons why we have trading options are that it acts as a form of insurance. You cannot put all your eggs in one basket. That is why it is recommended that you get the insurance that will protect what you have invested in. the ot

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March 27
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