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Master the little-known day trading secrets to help you consistently make profits off the market, discover how to develop your razor-sharp trading edge, and hone your trading instinct to the level of the top one percent players in the options market!

Are you looking for a profitable side hustle to help you generate extra income on the side?

Have you tried to make money day-trading in the past, but ended up blowing your accounts and burning a hole in your pocket?

Do you feel like your win-loss ratio in options trading needs some improvement?

If any of these questions sound like what you really need help with and if you're finally ready to say good-bye to financial lack and mediocre, unprofitable trades, then keep reading...

For a beginner and even most intermediate traders, the markets can be complex, incomprehensible, and intimidating. From the countless technical jargon, the calculations, and the numerous amount of trading strategies available, it's easy to get overwhelmed and confused if you don't know what you're doing. But it doesn't have to be that way.

In this special bundle, you'll discover everything you need to understand day trading and options trading from the scratch. You'll learn how to focus on trading strategies that have been field-tested and proven to work, helping you get rid of shiny object syndrome and distractions, which the markets are full of.

That's not all. You'll also learn the vital mind-set and psychological tips and tricks to help you develop a killer trading mentality that will separate you from most traders who are dabbling. By the end of this book, you'll know exactly how to develop your own profitable trading system unique to you and make informed trading decisions every time.

Even if you've never traded the markets in your entire life and have no idea how the stock market works, or if you're an experienced trader looking to go back to the fundamentals and pick up new tips and tricks along the way, this special bundle is designed to give you all the education, tools, and skills you need to start making profitable day trades on your own.

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Russell Newton
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October 16
Carl J. Merrill