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#1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods delivers a riveting thriller that introduces his first female protagonist, Deputy Chief of Police Holly Barker.

Forced into early retirement at thirty-seven, smart, attractive, and fiercely independent Major Holly Barker trades in her bars as a military cop for the badge of deputy chief of police in Orchid Beach, Florida. But below the sunny surface of this sleepy, well-to-do island town lies an evil that escalates into the cold-blooded murder of one of Holly's new colleagues.

An outsider, Holly has little to go on for answers and no one to help her—except Daisy, a Doberman of exceptional intelligence and loyalty that becomes her companion and protector. The closer Holly gets to the truth, the more she knows that it'll take one smart dog with guts to sniff out this killer—before he can catch her first.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Debra Monk
hr min
April 19

Customer Reviews

lovely-liz ,

Orchid Beach

Heard this book some time ago and I'm so pleased to find its still available ,this one kept me on the edge of my seat from the first CD. Holly Barker is definitely my kind of woman. We could use more of her kind,come ON! Stuart.

KelleyGrrrl ,

If only it weren't abridged!!

Orchid Beach was the first book i ever read by Stuart Woods. I loved it and have been hooked ever since. He is very much like Stephen King in that his characters truly seem like they could be real people. When they triumph, you rejoice for them. When they fail, you sympathise, as well. If a character dies, you grieve.
Another attribute that Mr Woods shares with Mr King is a truly WICKED and FUNNY sense of humor when it comes to his characters. You could be reading in a doctor's waiting room where it's silent as a tomb and burst out laughing like a loon from one of the many off-the-wall remarks that his characters make on a regular basis. Very hilarious!
So, why only 2 stars? Because it's not the entire story as was originally published. In my opinion, abridged is just the devil's editor's work, and should not not not be tolerated.
It's an excellent story in it's entirety, which here, it is not. My very strong recommendation is to either wait until iTunes puts it up unabridged, or just head to your nearest bookstore and buy an original "hardcopy."
So, that is my side. What you do now is entirely up to you. Good luck.

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