Origins - Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: A Collected Trilogy

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Publisher Description

Jonas Valent thought his days of adventure with Freeground Fleet were over. He retired after serving during the greatest conflict of his time. Now he welcomes travelers to Freeground Station - an outpost in one of the darkest regions of space. It's an important job, but his restlessness is getting the better of him.

In his off-hours, Jonas and the friends he's come to know through a true-to-life simulation system have been running combat simulations. Not just video games, most of these sims come straight from Freeground Fleet's training database. After years of overcoming one challenge after another, they've worked their way up to defeating restricted level simulations and the military is starting to pay attention.

Desperate for good commanders, Freeground Fleet won't be able to ignore Jonas and his friends. They need a versatile group of talented individuals to go out in the galaxy, meet new people who can help the lonely station, find new technology and explore the stars.

We join Jonas on the first day of a bold adventure. Minh-Chu, a long-time friend and fellow vet, has pushed him out of anonymity and the Fleet are eager to put Jonas and his friends to work. A crew of civilians, retired military, and active officers will emerge from a group of friends who will venture out into the galaxy to help their home station. Nothing can prepare them for what they find.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins stands alone as a Space Opera Epic but its success launched the popular Spinward Fringe Space Opera series. Now the trilogy that started it all is elevated to a whole new level thanks to the performance of narrator and storyteller Adam Verner.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Adam Verner
hr min
August 28
Randolph Lalonde