OSHO: The Buddha for the Future (Unabridged‪)‬

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The contemporary mystic Osho lived in a time before the internet and social media, no 24-hour news coverage existed at the time of the historic events described in this book.  

But fake news has been around for as long as there have been politicians. For this reason, Osho entrusted some eyewitnesses to record the events around him and his people. Maneesha is one of them. Her three books together form what Osho described as “the historical documentation of my work”.  

She was constantly at his side, observing and making notes of his meetings with thousands of people. Witnessing it first hand, she kept a meticulous record of Osho’s communes and the evolution of his work as it unfolded, both in India and in the USA.

Osho said about her, “I have found a better recorder than Ramakrishna has ever found in Vivekananda or even Socrates has found in Plato. When we are all gone, her collections will be remembered for centuries.”

Originally published in 1988, the 2018 release of the digital book arrived in the context of increasing interest in Osho. A popular Netflix series in the same year, Wild Wild Country, exposed his former secretary’s criminal activities, which led to the destruction of Osho’s commune and his deportation from the US. The series provided a biased platform for two of the key people in this saga, enabling them to mislead the audience with distorted facts, and for the ringleader to be portrayed as a "feminist hero" taking on the US government and her former teacher.

Osho: The Buddha for the Future is spoken by the author herself; it addresses misrepresentations and distortion of facts and provides an intimate, authentic firsthand account of the work of a mystic far ahead of his time and is a remarkable record of the efforts of the most powerful government in the world to silence him.

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