Own Your Money

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Join TikTok star Michela Allocca (@BreakYourBudget) for a crash course in everything personal finance. With real-life examples, this book unlocks the fun of money fundamentals.

Michela Allocca had an epiphany when she was working at her first job: even those working in finance can have no idea how to budget, invest, and spend on a personal level! By the time she reached her mid-20s, she had a new mission: helping any young person who wanted advice with the “scary,” aka often misunderstood, world of personal finance.

In Own Your Money, Michela shares all the tools she used to manage, save, invest, and set a routine that enabled her to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a decade of professional—and freelance—work. You’ll find chapters that address: Budgeting: Don’t make it a dreaded B-word! Learn about various strategies including 50/30/20, zero-based, and 3-bucket budgets. How to save: It’s all about SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). How to spend money: That’s right, a plan for spending is important too! With a quick analysis of values and priorities, you can spend without feeling guilt—yes, even on those fancy coffees. Investing: Learn the difference between 401ks and IRAs, investment types from index funds to target date funds, and relate it all back to core concepts in investing (like diversification). Jobs and careers: If your dream job doesn’t exist, join the club! Learn how to find satisfaction through the tasks you want to do, networking, and career pivots. Increase your earning potential: Set yourself up for a raise/promotion, negotiate a job offer, and figure out if a side hustle is right for you.
This is a book that’s meant to partner with you on your own journey and financial goals!

Business & Personal Finance
Luzma Ortiz
hr min
June 13
Fair Winds Press