P.I.E.C.E.S.: A Booster’s Story P.I.E.C.E.S.: A Booster’s Story

P.I.E.C.E.S.: A Booster’s Story

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    • $14.99

Publisher Description

Based on Tammy Fournier’s own gritty true story, this compelling urban novel details the life of a powerful booster—groomed by street legends and influenced by love.

With a pimp for a father and a thief for a mother, it’s always been a hustler’s life for Tara. Now, at eighteen, she’s about to inherit the family business and looking forward to having the streets on lock … until she meets Julio.

At the age of nine, Tara had learned every lesson her true-to-the-game parents ever taught her. By eighteen, she had found her niche: boosting the best merchandise from the best boutiques in the city and flipping it on the streets for cash—keeping the very best pieces for herself, of course. Tara became known as one of the baddest boosters on the East Coast, second only to her mother.

Chasing and stacking paper, as well as romancing men on the side, Tara held weight in the streets and used it to her every advantage. She was groomed by street legends, and the code of the streets was a valuable jewel that Tara and her family guarded with their lives. It was her father who taught her rule number one: the game was to be told, not sold, and it was to be passed down only to the select few worthy to play. To get next to the family was a privilege, and with Tara next in line to the throne, people were her puppets, and she the puppet master. Shortly after meeting a Dominican kingpin named Julio, however, the power shifts as Tara falls in love … and out of control.

Influences in her life lead Tara to make some life-changing decisions. Will love find a way? Does someone have other plans for her, or will she be the next to reign over the family business?

Daniel George
hr min
June 18
Blackstone Publishing