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Everybody says I look good on paper.

I was adopted into the Winslow dragon clan, with their boatloads of status and wealth. I have loyal friends and a thriving surveillance business. And did I mention I’m built like a superhero? 

Only there’s so much more to my story. 

The truth is I’m damaged goods. I’m twenty-nine, and my dragon form is stuck in adolescence. I have no wings, I’m afraid to use my magic, and not even my best friend knows I’ve never had a lover. 

My parents are hellbent on mating me to a high society dragon. Before I can even consider marriage, I need to get back to the Ukrainian orphanage and figure out what the hell happened to me when I was a kid.

But nothing’s ever simple. 

The orphanage sits dead center in the Transcarpathian Mountains--and any Magical who dares approach risks losing their powers to the Dragon King.

Can I find the answers that release my wings? Or am I the next sacrificial lamb to the king’s insatiable appetite?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Blake Lockheart
hr min
June 12
Pink Moon Books

Customer Reviews

Laniereads ,

An urban dragon’s tale

I really enjoyed this urban fantasy about a city guy in his late 20’s discovering adventure and truths about himself and his family. Oh, and he’s a dragon. I listen to several hours of audiobooks a day…driving, work breaks, working out, you name it. I have heard some great narrators and some bad ones. This was one of the really good ones. I have found male narrators have a tendancy to make female character sound like caricatures … Jessica Rabit -like, simpering…this narrator didn’t do that and it made for an enjoyable listening experience. I was disppointed when this book ended and want to know what happens next. Looking forward to the next in the series.