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‘Of Man’s First Disobedience, and the Fruit of that Forbidden Tree, whose mortal taste Brought Death into the World, and all our woe.’ So begins the greatest epic poem in the English language. In words remarkable for their richness of rhythm and imagery, Milton tells the story of man’s creation, fall and redemption – ‘to justify the ways of God to men.’ Here, unabridged, and told with exceptional sensitivity and power by Anton Lesser, is the plight of Adam and Eve, the ambition and vengefulness of Satan and his cohorts.

Anton Lesser
hr min
March 1
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PeteMcNYC ,

Paradise Lost - Read by Anton Lesser

If you have a choice and can afford the extra money, go with this version of Paradise Lost. I love the poem and this is one of the best and most engaging audio books I ever purchased. Lesser reads the poem with such feeling and drama that I can't imagine anyone not liking it - if they like the poem.

Maikarusan ,

A very good reading but no book indexes that I can see.

Maybe I'm simply missing them. Just in case, though, I offer my approximations for the beginning of each book.

Book 02 - File 1, 00:48:30
Book 03 - File 1, 01:53:30
Book 04 - File 2, 00:14:38
Book 05 - File 2, 01:17:22
Book 06 - File 2, 02:10:37
Book 07 - File 3, 00:33:03
Book 08 - File 3, 01:09:24
Book 09 - File 3, 01:48:31
Book 10 - File 4, 00:42:42
Book 11 - File 4, 01:48:52
Book 12 - File 5, 00:26:21

Dawgson ,


A great read. As a freshman in college, I have found that I don't have enough time as usual to do leisure reading. Audiobooks on your iPod are a great (albeit expensive) alternative. Milton is very complex, so I would recommend following along with the hard copy of Paradise Lost if you have the opportunity. The narrator is captivating, as is the story. Recommended.

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