Part-Time Sales Management: For Small Business Sales Teams (Unabridged) Part-Time Sales Management: For Small Business Sales Teams (Unabridged)

Part-Time Sales Management: For Small Business Sales Teams (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $11.99

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Imagine being able to manage sales team at a small business in about 10-20 hours a month...

Being the sales manager at a small business does not have to be difficult or require a lot of time. Part-Time Sales Management helps equip small business owners with the know-how of managing a sales team in the least amount of time required, usually 10-20 hours a month.

Imagine if the goals you have in mind for your business were met each year, and your involvement with the sales team was more effective and possibly required less time than you spend today. It's possible!

Rene Zamora has been managing a handful of small business sales teams simultaneously since 2006 in a manner that has realized incremental team and sales growth by devoting 10-20 hours a month to each. The contemporary term for his service is fractional sales management or fractional sales leadership. After 27 years of sales and sales management, and leading over 2500 sales meetings with companies in over 20 industries, Rene decided to put his system into this book as a small business owner resource.

Business owners who work through this book will use the information in one of three ways:

To improve how they manage the team 
To learn how their manager should manage the team
To understand how Sales Manager Now, the author's company, would manage their team for them 

Lastly, this book was written to a small business owner. The ideas, systems, and processes are all based on successful experience working in small businesses as their sales manager.

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