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Affiliate marketing is known as a type of marketing that is performance-based. The business is going to reward each affiliate for every visitor or even every customer who was brought to the company by the affiliate's marketing efforts. 

There are going to be four players when you look at affiliate marketing. The merchant, which is also the retailer or the brand the affiliate is trying to sell. The network, which will contain the offers from which the affiliate is going to choose. It is also going to take care of the payments that are sent in. The publisher, or the affiliate who is doing the selling. And the customer, who is doing the buying of what the affiliate is selling. 

The market is very complex and is going to create a second tier of employees who are going to be included. This second tier is affiliate management agencies, specialized third-party vendors, and super affiliates. 

Internet marketing and affiliate marketing will have overlapping methods since affiliates tend to use some of the more recognized advertising methods. 

Many methods that are used are organic search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, paid search engine marketing, and display advertising. But there are also some affiliates that turn to methods that are less orthodox, like publishing reviews or services that are be offered by some of their partners. 

You can also see affiliate marketing is tied to referral marketing because these forms of marketing are going to use third parties to drive up sales from the retailers. But you will find that they have some differences between them. The primary difference is that affiliate marketing is going to rely on financial desire, while referral marketing is built on trust and personal relationships. 

Affiliate marketing tends to get overlooked by advertisers. Affiliate marketing is going to have a lower profile, but it still has a major role when looking at marketing strategies that e-retailers use. 

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