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Described as American Gods meets the X-Men, True Blood meets The Talisman, and Supernatural meets The Lord of the Rings, Paternus combines myths from around the world in a modern story of action and intrigue that is "urban fantasy on the surface, but so much more at its core!" 

"Paternus is an imaginative...exhilarating ride ... A refreshing take on contemporary fantasy." (Anthony Ryan, New York Times best-selling author of Blood Song and The Legion of Flame)

"Epic, innovative urban fantasy. A great read!" (Mark Lawrence, Gemmell Award winner and international best-selling author of Prince of Thorns and Red Sister)

Even myths have legends. And not all legends are myth.

When a local hospital is attacked by strange and frightening men, Fiona Patterson and Zeke Prisco save a catatonic old man named Peter - and find themselves running for their lives with creatures beyond imagination hounding their every step. 

With nowhere else to turn, they seek out Fi's enigmatic Uncle Edgar. But the more their questions are answered, the more they discover that nothing is what it seems - not Peter, not Edgar, perhaps not even themselves. 

The gods and monsters, heroes and villains of lore - they're real. And now they've come out of hiding to hunt their own. In order to survive, Fi and Zeke must join up with powerful allies against an ancient evil that's been known by many names and feared by all. The final battle of the world's oldest war has begun. 

"Terrific. Paternus is intelligent, intricate, suspenseful, and epic." (Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld and Bloody Rose)

"Ashton is a bloody, terrific genius. The action sequences are truly mind-boggling. Miss out on this one at your own risk." (Fantasy Book Critic)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Nik Magill
hr min
December 28
Paternus Books Media

Customer Reviews

Marc Rasp ,

Really enjoyed!!!

I’m really glad I chose to buy this audiobook. I enjoyed the mythology brought to life in a modern day setting. Reminds me of Raymond Feist’s Fairy Tale but more
Expansive in story telling. I highly recommend and think you’ll enjoy- especially if you enjoy mythological tales of god and monsters.

AudioBookReviewer.com ,

an action-packed mythological adventure

Fi and Zeek are young adults who face the typical obstacles to a budding romance and life in general.  Fi is completing an internship at a nursing home while living at home with her stuffed shirt uncle and Zeek is preparing for a conference and working at the same nursing home and madly in love with Fi.  Fi is the only person able to take care of the dementia-stricken and invalid Peter.  Fi and Zeek stumble through their relationship when suddenly the nursing home is invaded with evil looking creatures who mangle and eat the residents.

Mythological beings on all sides (good and evil) invade the world of Fi and Zeek to the point that nothing surprises them any longer.  The question lies in the outcome of the 3rd holocaust, who will win?  Good or evil?  Regardless, the creatures and beings believed to be mythological are real and at war.

Dyrk Ashton, the author, is an amazing story-teller creating an action-packed adventure by blending mythological creatures and myths into the present world and bringing them to life.  One senses the story is not going to be boring even given the slow start.  One does not expect, however, to be so totally immersed into the action and story that one is caught off guard momentarily to find oneself so thoroughly engaged.

Ashton builds the action around the development of the characters, in some cases, the character development is done almost instantaneously – such as the first time we meet Clarion.  There are several twists and turns, but not so much that one loses interest or connection to the story.  The story flows smoothly and each twist is handled with aplomb.  This is an epic journey in many ways, one the listener has no choice but to go on once they are snared in the story.  Thrilling to the end, one cannot help but wait for the next book to know who wins and who else will meet their mortal demise.

The narrator provided an excellent performance in the narration of the book.  Although the book was a total of 15 hours, Nik Magill did not once lose his place or the voice of the characters.  His talent helped to draw the reader into the story and captivate them into staying as well as the work of Ashton.  His light rhythmic voice made listening to the story pleasant.  He never went campy nor did he become shrill as some tend to do during epic length books.

Paternus is a very good book, one I would listen to again without hesitation and would appreciate more the second time around now that I understand how some of the pieces fit together.  At first, I admit to being lost because I didn’t realize there were two worlds that were going to be blending together into one.  I struggled to see the connections but once things started to fall into place, this book quickly became a favorite of mine.

There were no production or quality issues with this book.  Everything was smooth and clear.

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