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This essential Star Wars Legends novel is the first in a trilogy chronicling the rise of the fearsome Sith lord Darth Bane.
“A solid space adventure [that] charts the evolution of an antihero almost as chilling as Darth Vader.”—Publishers Weekly

On the run from vengeful Republic forces, Dessel, a cortosis miner, vanishes into the ranks of the Sith army and ships out to join the bloody war against the Republic and its Jedi champions. There Dessel’s brutality, cunning, and exceptional command of the Force swiftly win him renown as a warrior. But in the eyes of his watchful masters, a far greater destiny awaits him.

As an acolyte in the Sith academy, studying the secrets and skills of the dark side, Dessel embraces his new identity: Bane. But the true test is yet to come. In order to gain acceptance into the Brotherhood of Darkness, he must defy the most sacred traditions and reject all he has been taught. It is a trial by fire in which he must surrender fully to the dark side—and forge from the ashes a new era of absolute power.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Jonathan Davis
hr min
October 30
Random House Audio

Customer Reviews

Jibbis ,

One of the best!

This is by far my favorite Star Wars series. Original characters and great action. Read/listen to it now!

Chupathing ,

Awesome book!

I have all 3 books in this series, and this is wonderful writing by Mr. Karpyshyn. If you really want to learn about the Sith, this is a great book. Darth Bane is made into a very itneresting character.

The Blue Cord ,

If you just starting the books this is a much read

This book introduces Darth Bane to the Start Wars universe. The story starts by follows a young man that is an insignificant person on a mining world who was left an all but achievable debt. Who has suffered and lived an hard life on the bottom. Who finds a way off of the world leaving one life behind in a pursuit of a new one.

Following him through his ascension to Darth Bane and his plot to gather even more power. The story of his rise to power and pursuit of even more has you wanting to learn more.

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