Patriot Dream: A Special Operations Group Thriller (Unabridged‪)‬

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"Kill Pope Francis" is the order given to a Russian spy. "Kill the Russian spy" is the order given to five CIA operatives....

In Turkey, the CIA intercepts a plot to assassinate a Western target. The Agency calls Chris Paladin, Hannah Andrade, and Sonny Cohen to hunt the assassin.

Meanwhile, the CIA sends brothers Max and Tom Wayne to Syria to track down a new bioweapon called BK-16. But the brothers become infected, and their mission quickly changes to finding an antidote.

Both missions lead the five CIA operatives to Italy. There, they launch covert operations from a muscle yacht on the Mediterranean Sea. Soon, they uncover a Russian spy, code-named Minotaur, ordered to use BK-16 to assassinate Pope Francis....

The team:

Chris "Reverend" Paladin left SEAL Team Six to become a pastor. Until the CIA pulled him back in. He's quick on the draw and efficient under fire.

Hannah "Infidel" Andrade delivers a triple knockout with her elegant smile, mixed martial arts skills, and Agency tradecraft. The CIA tapped her to be team leader, and she tapped her best friend, Chris, for this mission.

Sonny "Sunshine" Cohen is the insult comic who terrorizes terrorists. He is on loan to the Agency from the Army's Delta Force. Also known as "Super Jew".

Max "Yukon" Wayne crossed over from SEAL Team Six to the dark side: the CIA's Special Operations Group. He lost his parents and his faith, and he'll do anything to protect the only family he has left - his brother, Tom.

Tom "Tomahawk" Wayne is Max's younger brother. Their Marine father taught them special ops skills from an early age, and Tom put those skills to use during a tour as an Army Ranger in the Middle East. Tom loves to read and has adorkable moments.

And you....

If you've never enjoyed a Stephen Templin thriller, this is where to start!

Mysteries & Thrillers
Brian Troxell
hr min
March 21
Stephen Templin