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Everyone knows dragons have been extinct for over 1,000 years.

Everyone is wrong.

At least one dragon remains, and military scientists from the Cofah Empire are experimenting with its blood, using the magical substance to power deadly new weapons that could be used to bring the world to its knees. That's a concern for Zirkander, Cas, and the rest of the Iskandians, but all Tolemek wants is to find his missing sister. The last time he saw her, their father had locked her in an asylum because of a mental illness with no cure. Now the military has taken her. What use the Cofah have for her, Tolemek can only guess, but he is certain she is in danger. He must save her before it's too late. But her fate is inexplicably tied to the dragon's, and he must find it to find her.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Caitlin Davies
hr min
January 29
Podium Audio

Customer Reviews

MotorCop505 ,

The series continues as wonderfully as it began!

I've been a huge fan of Lindsay's "Emperor's Edge" series, especially the first three books narrated by Starla Hutchdon. This new series is also excellent. After the first three-book omnibus, I wondered if she could keep up the storyline with the same fervor that it had begun. There was no need to worry! Caitlin Davies does a wonderful job of narration, with unique and interesting voices for all the characters.

There are two points that continue to grate on my nerves with this audiobook series:

1. Caitlin's inability to enunciate "t's" in the middle of common words, like mountain, certain, etc. Normally this would just be an annoyance in the part of an average person, but in a narrator is is less forgivable. The editor of the audiobook series should have caught this glaring issue and brought it to Ms. Davies' attention so she could correct it with the help of a voice coach or even a speech therapist. It is a shame for this lone flaw to hold back her otherwise considerable talents.

2. Lindsay's use of the expression, "try and" is likewise infuriating. One does not "try and" accomplish a given action. One "tries to" perform a given action. Again, a competent editor would have caught this on the very first draft of her first book and would never have allowed this error to be compounded across many books and audiobooks of numerous series! For that matter, even Word's built in grammar check function should have caught and corrected this glaring error as she typed it.

This may seem trivial, but Ms. Buroker paid copy editors and audio editors to ensure they were produced in a professional manner. She had a reasonable expectation that these people would perform their jobs in a competent manner. This was not the case, and she did not get her money's worth.

That being said, I still highly recommend this series and hope that these shortcomings will be corrected going forward.

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