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What happens when you combine The Big Short and Erin Brockovich? Like those nonfiction blockbusters, People v Money is like a Hollywood movie script. 

Mark Stopa, like the protagonists in those films, is both famous and infamous in the Florida legal community - a hero and a villain, depending on whom you ask. To thousands of Floridians, Mark was a voice of hope in the aftermath of the Great Recession, striving to prevent banks from effectuating the largest transfer of wealth in modern US history. To the banking industry, Mark was enemy number one. Yet, this book is not about Mark Stopa. 

People v Money gives an unprecedented, first-hand account of widespread corruption at the highest levels of Florida government. From America’s best foreclosure defense attorney to investigative journalist to author, Mark’s narrative takes you on an epic journey through that corruption. 

Just when you think the corruption can’t go any deeper, it does - from trial courts to the Florida Supreme Court, the attorney general’s office, and the governor’s mansion! Before you’re done, you’ll see why people are calling People v Money “the biggest exposé on the judicial system of our lifetime”. You will be shocked. You will be horrified. You will be outraged. Most importantly, you will be inspired to fight back. 

Income inequality is more pronounced than at any point in American history. The wealthiest one percent own more than the bottom 90 percent. Nearly 80 percent of the public live paycheck to paycheck. Nearly, 200 million Americans are suffering in silence, victims of government officials who use their positions in office to align with corporate America and get rich. Indeed, the American economy is rigged in favor of big business because “our” elected officials make it that way. People versus money offers rare insights into how the rigged economy came to be, along with unique solutions to curb the corruption. 

Join Mark on his journey. Be inspired to help create a system of government that works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful. Together, we the people can restore our democracy. 

Will you help? 

Yes, you. 

Let’s get started.

Sean Pratt
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February 14
Incredible Publishing Inc