Peregrine Island: A Novel (Unabridged) Peregrine Island: A Novel (Unabridged)

Peregrine Island: A Novel (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $17.99

Publisher Description

Peregrine Island is the recipient of the following nine literary awards:

2017 Winner of the New York City Big Book Award for Mystery
2017 Best Book Awards Finalist in General Fiction for Fiction, for Literary, and for Mystery & Suspense
2017 Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award for Regional Fiction: Northeast
2017 Distinguished Favorite in Literary Fiction by Independent Press Awards
2017 International Book Awards Finalist for Literary Fiction
2017 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist for Fiction
2017 Bronze Award for US Northeast Fiction from the Independent Publisher (IPPY) Book Awards
2018 Reader Views Literary Award Finalist and Honorable Mention for Adult - Fiction
2018 A Reader's Favorite literary fiction award winner


Literary mystery highlights an heirloom painting on Long Island Sound and the relationships between three generations of women.

Part “who-done-it” and part family drama, this award-winning novel reveals that neither people nor paintings are always what they appear to be

Contradictory relationships within troubled families are nothing new, but the award-winning psychological novel written by well-known journalist Diane B. Saxton elevates these relationships and the mysterious heirloom painting that both exposes and unites them to an art form.

Peregrine Island interweaves the stories of three generations of women, one valuable painting, the artist who created it, and those who would do anything to possess it - including kill.

Lush with sensory details, this psychologically complex mystery novel is set on a private island in the middle of Long Island Sound. It begins when the family’s lives are turned upside-down one summer by so-called art experts, who appear on the doorstep of their isolated home to appraise a favorite heirloom painting. When incriminating papers along with two other paintings are discovered behind the painting in question, the appraisal turns into a full-fledged investigation and detectives are called into the case - but not by the family whose members grow increasingly antagonistic toward one another.

During the course of the inquiry and as the summer progresses, the family members discover new secrets about one another and new facts about their past. Above all, they learn that neither people nor paintings can be taken at face value.

Elizabeth Aspenlieder, Corinna May, Caroline Calkins
hr min
June 15
Diane B. Saxton