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Do you feel like a puppet in someone else's hands? Do you think that your actions are commanded by people who used persuasive techniques to make you do what they want? How toxic people use the psychology of persuasion to influence human behaviors?

If you want to learn how to analyze manipulative people to defend yourself from their methods of persuasion, then keep reading.

Today we live in a world where lying is the order of the day owing to different variables. For most people, it is difficult to recognize and distinguish fake statements from real feelings, even with individuals close to them. An excellent social psychology study demonstrates an amazing density and variety of experiences lived, explaining why our habits are not always under our control and what variables manipulate us daily, leading us to do something we would never have done spontaneously. Often these manipulation techniques appear harmless and are used in such a natural way that we can't imagine anyone using them to influence others.

With Persuasion and Dark Psychology You will learn:

What are the tactics used in the psychology of persuasion to influence people’s decisions
How to recognize the body language clues to find out the real intentions of manipulators
How NLP techniques are used in purchase induction
What are the most insidious methods of persuasion used in relationships
How to understand if someone's trying to hypnotize you to control your actions
How to intercept covert emotional manipulation to prevent brainwashing
What is deception and how to detect it immediately
How to defend yourself from persuasion and mental manipulation 

Persuasion and Dark Psychology provides practical actions that can create lasting and positive change to help you intercept these dark persuasive strategies. And how to use them to your advantage!

Even if you’ve never been able to defend yourself from manipulative behavior, this audiobook will be teaching the techniques you need in your toolbox to fight all parts of dark psychology.

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Michael Fryar
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October 2
Jonathan Mind