Peter Pan Syndrome: Born or Raised (Unabridged) Peter Pan Syndrome: Born or Raised (Unabridged)

Peter Pan Syndrome: Born or Raised (Unabridged‪)‬

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What is Peter Pan Syndrome? This disorder is based off Peter Pan, the boy who never grows old. The book written by J.M. Barrie “Peter Pan” was about a boy and a few others that were allowed into a world where no adults could venture. Unfortunately, some children never grow up.  

The psychologist Dan Kiley, in 1983, coined the Peter Pan Syndrome. He wrote in his book that for every Peter Pan, there is a Wendy as his shadow. Kiley figured there was a responsible motherly figure, Wendy, that would be the nurturing caregiver. Peter would be the wounded boy in need of the kind, warming, and responsible Wendy. 

Peters attract Wendys by nature as they are opposites. They feed into each other’s needs on a deeper level. Peters do not want the responsibilities of life and Wendy’s need someone to be dependent on them. Wendy will keep smothering Peter until she realizes that he will never grow up. 

Experts have not yet classified Peter Pan Syndrome as a psychological disorder yet; however, this disorder is closely linked with Narcissism. There are many similarities between Peter Pan and Narcissistic disorders. The links are: lack of taking responsibility for one’s actions, no guilt for taking advantage of their significant other, and selfishness.  

Narcissism is rooted in an egotistical manner, where Peters are stuck in a fantasy world. Narcissistic sufferers must overcome things, people, and situations from their past. Peter Pans find comfort in their own imaginations and stay cut-off from reality and their responsibilities. 

This book will reveal the symptoms of Peter Pan Syndrome or Complex, causes, and treatments. In this audiobook, you will discover how to deal with your immature partner and find some hope in a future if at all possible. 

Peter Pans are charming and witty, but can they ever change? Will they ever grow up? Or will these individuals be forever stuck in their adult bodies with a child/teenager’s mentality? 

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