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Ask civilization’s most provocative questions. Meet its greatest minds. Learn from one of philosophy’s best professors. If you could travel back in time and take one college course now, this would be it.

With a goal of expanding the minds of lifelong learners, celebrated philosophy professor Kevin Corcoran engages thinkers from Descartes to David Foster Wallace to help you discover truth and tackle the big questions of our existence.

Through this compelling 15-lecture course, you’ll develop critical thinking skills that will bring clarity and focus to your daily life. Beginning with Aristotle’s maxim that “philosophy begins in wonder,” you’ll explore a broad range of perspectives on deeply meaningful questions, including “What does it mean to be moral?” “Do we exist, or are we living in the matrix?” and “If God exists, why is there suffering in the world?”

Prof. Corcoran, named one America’s best professors by Princeton Review, will take you on a journey that is sure to stretch your intellectual muscles. A stellar teacher, he will inspire you to revisit life’s biggest questions.

This course is part of the Learn25 collection.

Kevin Corcoran
hr min
August 25

Customer Reviews

Dingsee ,

Reminded me why I love philosophy

I was a philosophy major in college, and this course encapsulates everything that drew me to that course of study--the fascinating dialogues about truth, morality, and how to live a good life. In the opening lecture, Corcoran talks about one obstacle to learning truth that was not as present when I was a college student: distraction. In a world where content is designed to sneak into our low attention spans, spending time with Corcoran's wisdom is all the more valuable. I emerged from this course determined to focus my critical thinking and drown out the noise.

The PRG ,

Bezos Publishing aka “Let us think for you”

This is total BS!!
I listen to 9:06 of this “book” on philosophy and it is not about learning to think for yourself or how to interpret big philosophical questions. I have spent 20+ years studying many ideas about philosophy and this is not such a book. Read some Camus, Kerouac, Kesey, Vonnegut, Plato, Nietzsche, Rand or Kierkegaard....or any of the other insightful philosophers and authors, but NOT this horse poop!

Odin Anderson ,

Meaty and inspirational

I found this series content-rich and inspirational. The professor essentially organizes his talks around the biggest philosophy questions ever asked, discusses the answers given by civilization's great minds. But I like that he challenges you (the listener) to ask these questions about your own life.

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