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When Bobby Pendragon first arrives on the tropical world of Ibara, he finds paradise. As he works to uncover clues about the turning point this seemingly idyllic territory will soon face, all he can determine is that the people of Ibara are blissfully happy. It's not long before Bobby discovers, however, that they are also blissfully...oblivious.

The leaders of Ibara are keeping a devastating secret from their people, one that gives Saint Dane all the opportunity he needs to launch his final assault on Halla.

While Bobby struggles to learn the truth in time to thwart Saint Dane, Courtney Chetwynde desperately searches for Mark Dimond. On the heels of a shocking tragedy, Mark has disappeared. Worse, he seems to be under Saint Dane's influence. It's up to Courtney to find Mark and stop him from making a grave mistake that could change the future of all existence.

Kids & Young Adults
William Dufris
hr min
June 3
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Marie223 ,

Audio is perfect with those who don't have time to read the ten book series!

This audiobook threw me for a double take. I never saw the surprise in this book. But I loved listening to it. This audio series has kept me going for some time now. Like I said before, they are fun to listen to in the car and if you have a job cleaning or exercising. My favorite part in this book was actually with Marc and Courtney. I felt lost without the dynamic duo together. Definitely would love to live on Ibarra!

Bubbiz ,

Great book w horrible skipping of large chunks of book

This audio is so messed up. Don't buy. Buy the book and read it.

MusiQ630 ,

Don't buy

Do not buy this audio book. It skips whole chapters. I am a huge pendragon fan but because of this I have lost interest in the series. Trust me, it is not worth it.

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