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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Learn Mandarin Chinese
With Pimsleur you’ll become conversational in Mandarin Chinese — to understand and be understood — quickly and effectively. You’ll learn vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation together through conversation. And our scientifically proven program will help you remember what you’ve learned, so you can put it into action.

Why Pimsleur?
• Quick + Easy – Only 30 minutes a day.
• Portable + Flexible – Core lessons can be done anytime, anywhere, and easily fit into your busy life.
• Proven Method – Works when other methods fail.
• Self-Paced – Go fast or go slow – it’s up to you.
• Based in Science – Developed using proven research on memory and learning.
• Cost-effective – Less expensive than classes or immersion, and features all native speakers.
• Genius – Triggers your brain’s natural aptitude to learn.
• Works for everyone – Recommended for ages 13 and above.

What’s Included?
• 5, 30-minute audio lessons,
• In total, 2.5 hours of audio, all featuring native speakers

What You’ll Learn
This course includes Lessons 1-5 from the Mandarin Chinese Level 1 program featuring 2.5 hours of language instruction. Each lesson provides 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and new vocabulary and structures. Detailed instructions enable you to understand and participate in the conversation. Practice for vocabulary introduced in previous lessons is included in each lesson. The emphasis is on pronunciation and comprehension, and on learning to speak Mandarin Chinese.

Whether you want to travel, communicate with friends or colleagues, reconnect with family, or just understand more of what’s going on in the world around you, Pimsleur will help you learn Mandarin Chinese and expand your horizons and enrich your life.

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Customer Reviews

Brightvillager ,

Great starting place

The mastery of intonation required to speak Chinese clearly is one of the largest challenges with the language & this system helps you overcome! This series allows you to build vocabulary, learn sentence structure, and develop an authentic accent quickly. The only challenge with speaking what I've learned from this series is people believe I know way more Chinese than I do!

I like the way this system builds upon itself and reminds you of words & expressions you learned several units back. It really burns it into your memory.

Great for in the car, especially if you have a long commute! Make sure you practice out loud! :)

Brielle Caturano ,

So far so good!

I decided to try these audio books to enhance my listening and speaking. I wished they came with access to the online portions.

keshanno ,

understood by a native speaker after 2 hours

Hi all, I'm an English language teacher who moves to another country every 2-4 years. Pimsleur is the only language program that I trust. I used it for Thai and to brush up on my Spanish, and most recently have started learning Mandarin.
Now, I live in China so it is super critical that people understand me. The intonations aren't that difficult if you follow what the program says to do and actually respond verbally. You cannot simply listen; you must listen and respond. I use the pause function, as well as the back up 15 seconds function, a lot on my iPhone in order to give myself the extra thinking and speaking time. As I progress and get faster this isn't quite as important, but it is a good hint for those beginning the program.
I started Pimsleur last night after unsuccessfully trying to learn using numerous native Mandarin teachers, and guess what? Yep, I found that when I spoke this morning, although slower than a native, I was easily understood by a native Mandarin speaker. That is a huge payoff for spending two-hours on the first two units. Pimsleur recommends only 30 minutes a day, but I like to sometimes do a bit more if I have the time and energy.
To summarize, I learned more from Pimsleur in two-hours (and for less money) than I did from my native Mandarin teacher in the same amount of time. I think that the reason for this success is not only the "Pimsleur Method" where you are taught vocabulary in context and then are asked to participate in a staged conversation, but also because I am in control of when I go back and try something again and when I move forward. I also like that I can practice when and where I want to.
If you have been successful, to some degree, with other languages and aren't afraid to try, for those needing to learn Mandarin, I would highly recommend giving Pimsleur a try. If you are not comfortable buying the entire Units 1-5 audio program, then at least buy Unit 1, give it your best shot, and then see where you stand.
I wish you all much success!

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