Pirates! (Unabridged‪)‬

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It is the dawn of the eighteenth century, when girls stay home and sew while men sail the high seas finding adventure, danger, and gold. But two unusually adventurous girls--a rich merchant's daughter, Nancy Kington, and her former plantation slave, Minerva Sharpe--take to the high seas from Jamaica on a shop the crew renames Deliverance. Not just any trading ship, the Deliverance flies black flags from its mast, proclaiming to all that the newly named, hijacked ship is a pirate vessel, striking fear into the hearts of those she approaches. Or so they hope.

For Nancy, the Deliverance is her escape from an arranged betrothal to a controlling and devilish man. For Minerva, it is an escape from slavery, as well as from the fearsome overseer on Nancy's family plantation. But in the end, the money, the adventure, the companionship, and the chance to see the world not as women, but as bold and daring pirates, is an opportunity neither can deny.

A powerful, thrilling, and ultimately inspiring journey of two women who break the bonds of gender, race, and position to find their own way to glory.

Kids & Young Adults
Jennifer Wiltsie
hr min
January 27
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Customer Reviews

StormCry ,

Very Well Done!

This was a very satisfying and entertaining audiobook, certainly one of my new favorites. Now, just to give you a head up, the first two hours of the novel have almost nothing to do with Pirates at all, but there's important backstory to be had there, so don't dismiss it outright. There's a lot of history, a lot of emotion and a lot of drama. I highly recommend this, not just for Pirate Lovers, but for people who enjoy good & enjoyable audiobooks. :D

XGrrl ,

This Book

I did not actually purchace the audio book but i did read the book, it is a amazing book and if you think girl pirates rock then you will most definately love this!!!! (P.S. I would rather read the book than pay 18.00 to listen to it)

- ,

One of the Best Books

This is one of the best books I've ever read. Not only did it satisfy the romantic in me, it had enough action to be exciting and enough plot to be a good read. Not only is the book fantastic, the narrator of this book was so believable. She switched from all the characters flawlessly, unlike anything I'd ever heard any other narrator do. A fantastic book and a highly reccomended read or listen.

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