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Are you looking for a natural and light diet for improving your physical performances? Then keep reading… 

A plant-based diet is a popular and healthy way to eat for a good portion of the world's population. It includes a diet where all food choices are made from plant sources, and any animal-based foods such as meat and dairy are eliminated completely. Veganism is another term for plant-based eating. When adapting to this way of eating, it can take some people longer than others. There are stages between a regular diet with dairy and meat to veganism, and these can be implemented in steps where certain foods are reduced or minimized over time, such as specific meats (i.e. pork and beef). At the same time, vegetables, fruits, and other plant-based foods are increased. 

Veganism can also be a philosophy, and many people eliminate animal-based foods and products from their lifestyle as a way to reject using animals. For many people, plant-based eating is a diet on the surface, while the commitment to abstaining from animal products extends much further. This may include abstaining from leather, fur, and other animal-based products used in clothing, makeup, and other household items. Veganism is synonymous with the animal rights’ movement and strives to encourage people to avoid all forms of animal use in the products they consume. 

This book covers:

The protein requirements
Why choose a vegan diet
Fourteen benefits of a vegan diet
Breakfast recipe
Lunch recipe
Recipes for main courses and single dishes

And much more...

Veganism is on the rise in many parts of the world due to its health benefits and sustainability. For many people in developing countries, beans, rice, and legumes are the central part of their cuisine, and while meat is often included as well, a diet largely comprised of vegetables and plant-based options is an excellent way to prevent many diseases and chronic conditions, as well as to provide relief to people who suffer from them. Overall, plant-based eating is a simple strategy for a better way of life and eating.

The benefits of a vegan diet are plentiful for bodybuilders, marathon participants, and all other types of athletes. Contrary to the myths and misconceptions about plant-based eating, there are many sources of protein, calcium, vitamins, and other nutrients to support the healthy development of muscle and tissue growth at a cellular level. A vegan diet is primarily based on natural, whole foods, leaving little or no room for processed products. It's also simpler to prepare and plan vegan meals while enjoying the advantages of creating new, delicious recipes and finding a wide range of options beyond dairy and meat.

What are the specific benefits of ditching animal products for plant-based eating? First and foremost, if you live and thrive in a physically active lifestyle, you'll need to increase your caloric intake. As an athlete, your BMI and body weight will be within a healthy range, and cutting calories is not recommended. At the same time, it's important not to consume an excessive number of calories, which is where a vegan diet provides some essential balance. By sticking with plant-based foods, you'll get all the nutrients and get the right amount of calories you need to maintain and improve your body and athletic performance. 

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