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How realistic is it to believe that one lover can satisfy a woman's every fantasy?

Nia Simone Bijou is a woman who has it all - and is driven by the desire for more. Born in Trinidad, reared in Los Angeles, living in Atlanta, Nia is a writer, a thinker, and a woman in conflict. She's dealing with two sides of her Gemini self, feeling as if there are two women living inside her, both struggling for domination.

One side of Nia is a logical yet heartbroken person who has never let go of an old pain. The other side is a sensual woman who will not let her rest, desiring intimacy and sexual freedom, demanding pleasure.

In the sweltering heat of July, loneliness, desire, and a struggle with both the sensual self and fantasy inspire Nia to become sexually adventurous, meeting lovers who arouse her in diverse ways, lovers who give her unimaginable experiences, generous lovers who desire to please her as much as she desires to satisfy them. Fantasies spiral out of control, and with her life on the line, Nia discovers that pleasure does not come without pain.

Filled with passion, populated with characters that are sexually uninhibited, Pleasure is an unforgettable journey into a free-spirited world.

Susan Spain
hr min
June 18
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

Beatrix Kido ,

A love letter to women's sexuality

The book was hot like fiya from beginning to end. If you have an open mind and just close your eyes... Fiya Eric. More please!

Lady Tree ,

An interesting read!!

This is an interesting book not for just the words, but do understand his writing ability was very particular and extremely exciting in this book. It was almost like a compicated waltz so listening to someone read this book might be a little staccato at best. You might have to pick this one up at the store and then you still maybe to READ some of the chapters twice. Keep in mind the start of the book is just about what it's title reads 'pleasure'. It'll leave you reading more only to climax too close to the end leaving you wanting more with no good ending in sight!!

Mb-real ,


The book is amazing, but listening to the narration can really spoil it, because there is no passion in her words. If you want to get the full value of this book, just buy it off the shelves of your local book store and read it yourself otherwise, listening to the audiobook, you will find yourself very disappointed.

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