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Here are three special episodes of
The Ricky Gervais Show, featuring those doyens of the medium, the eponymous multi-award winning Ricky Gervais; Steve Merchant (
The Office,
Extras); and the round-headed idiot savant, Karl Pilkington.

Part I: Halloween
Ghostly drivel abounds as Steve consults an SMS-based oracle, Karl experiences a kidney probing, Steve visits Bristol, Karl becomes a Godfather, and Ricky tells of some lighter moments at the morgue. (Includes a CD-giveaway contest that has already expired - sorry!)

Part II: Thanksgiving
Karl is unfamiliar with the American public holiday mentioned in the show's title and launches a campaign for a calendar-free society. Ricky explains the origins of Thanksgiving, prompting him to ask Karl who might be a good choice for a present-day pilgrim father. Steve brings up the sterling work mice are carrying out in the name of medicine. Karl's hypochondria comes to the fore as he describes a recent visit to a leg-rubber who prescribes a toe-based soporific. More readings from Karl's diary; UFOs; the will to live; Madeira cake; Relative merits of gay and heterosexual men's pornographic magazines; Oxfam's extended product lines; and Karl is concerned about the shortage of new sounds. Plus there's a (now defunct, obviously) competition to win copies of Karl's book and the new CD box set.

Part III - Christmas
Karl reflects on the year past and singles out an unlikely highlight; Steve stocks up on yuletide essentials; Karl advocates an anarchic Christmas and complains about his domestic chores; Karl's diary draws to a close with revelations of bothersome footwear, cravat-luggage, not-so-current affairs, bees, beds, and worry-holes; and Ricky provides an emotional exit en route to the orphanage.

Ricky Gervais
hr min
May 19
Glyn Hughes

Customer Reviews

notsohappycostumer ,


is it still worth buying even though it was recorded a long time ago?????

Tuareg0xFFFF ,


Funny as hell. As expected

LelandJames ,

What the Heck? Why were these MIA for so long?

It's no wonder people we're scratching their heads when Season 5 of the Podcasts were announced...Most people were like, huh? I thought there were only three... Ah yes, the podfather series of holiday podcasts were out I believe in the winter of 2006, only to become unavailable from both itunes, and audible for pretty much all of 2007 and most of 2008. What gives? No one one has offered an answer. But alas, they are finally here... in al their glory. While these are not the 'greats' like the series have been individually, but these are sort of holiday ramblings, and if you enjoy these three fellows as I do, check them out. Another tip would be to head over to youtube and check out their old XFM shows, all are posted over there, and you can really see, or should I say hear, the evolution of that bald mank git that is Karl Pilkington. And for you complaining about payment, just let it go already. If you can't pony up two dollars, the cost of your daily red bull intake, then you my friends are not worthy of listening. Get over it.

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