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We send our kids to school and obsess about their test scores, their behavior, and their ability to fit in. We post a help-wanted ad and look for experience, famous colleges, and a history of avoiding failure. We invest in companies based on how they did last quarter, not on what they’re going to do tomorrow. So why are we surprised when it all falls apart?

Our economy is not static, but we act as if it is. Your position in the world is defined by what you instigate, how you provoke, and what you learn from the events you cause. In a world filled with change, that’s what matters - your ability to create and learn from change.

Poke the Box is a manifesto about producing something that’s scarce, and thus valuable. It demands that you stop waiting for a road map and start drawing one instead. You know how to do this, you’ve done it before, but along the way, someone talked you out of it. We need your insight and your dreams and your contributions. Hurry.

Seth Godin
hr min
March 1
Brilliance Audio

Customer Reviews

joelheffner ,

Get ready for a poking!

Consider Poke the Box as your personal cheerleader to end procrastination and start doing the stuff you really want to do.

Ken Fairbanks ,

A Real Paradigm Shift: Time to start a ruckus!

I have listened to the this audiobook twice in the last two days and will probably go for a third round today. I have been one of those people filled with ideas and waiting for someone to pick me or show me the map guaranteed to to deliver success. Seth blows those limiting beliefs (fears) out of the water and encourages everyone to be an instigator and ACT on our ideas. I have accomplished more meaningful work in the past 24 hrs. than I have in several weeks. The book isn't magic... just solid principles that can lead to a new way of thinking. You will find the audiobook to be both informative and entertaining. Seth does a great job with the narration and delivers a powerful message!

MacGeek1990 ,

great book at a great price

1. I love the price. I wish more audio books were priced below ten bucks. especially books this helpful.

2. very useful helpful book. I highly recommend it.

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