Polar Opposites Polar Opposites

Polar Opposites

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A novice witch, a polar bear familiar, and a murder under the Northern Lights.

Ever since I was little, unusual things have happened around me. But nothing quite as strange as a wild polar bear coming to my rescue and telling me I'm a witch.

Even though I grew up a California girl, the unexplored tundra of the Great North has called to me since childhood. On her visits, my grandmother would tell me stories of magical creatures and great battles fought in the vast cold. A place that is all white on the surface, but underneath is as awash with secrets as colorful as the night sky.

When my grandmother passed away, my grandfather asked me to come North to help him run their general store. Since my fiancé recently ditched me, I looked forward to the change of scenery. Besides, I couldn't wait to experience the magic of my ancestral birthplace myself.

Unfortunately, the welcome I receive from the people of Frost Peak is as icy as the town's name implies. And when a local man is killed right outside my back door, everyone becomes suspicious I'm the murderer.

Eager to clear my name, I do my best to find out who the killer could be.

Along the way, I discover not only is there magic in the North, there's also magic inside me!

Now if I can only harness my powers and find the killer before Sheriff Brodie puts me in a jail cell.

Mysteries & Thrillers
Penelope Graham
hr min
March 11
Bad Baby Press Audio