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Twenty-four-year-old Charmaine Bainbridge appears to have it all - beauty, fame, and tremendous wealth - yet behind all the glitz and glamor hides a sad little girl who has been abandoned by every man she's ever loved. When firefighter Hunter Baldwin saves Charmaine from a fire in her penthouse apartment - a blaze started by her own carelessness - he's appalled by her nonchalant attitude. Forced to carry her to safety, he throws her over his shoulder, but not before correcting her behavior with a well-deserved spanking. Something about Charmaine arouses him deeply, and it isn't just her gorgeous looks. This girl needs to be corrected firmly and thoroughly dominated, and a part of Hunter demands that he be the one to take her in hand.

Though he's used to charging into burning buildings on a daily basis, Hunter knows taming Charmaine's wild ways may prove to be his greatest challenge yet. Undeterred, he takes on the role of Charmaine's daddy dom in hopes of breaking down her defenses and healing her wounds. But can she bring herself to open her heart to him, or will she remain the lonely little rich girl forever?

Alicyn Aimes
hr min
March 10
Normandie Alleman

Customer Reviews

Jeni696 ,

Normandie does it again!

This is the third installment of The Daddy’s Girl series.

We met Hunter and Charmaine in previous books; they are the featured couple in this installment. I liked that we still get to hear from some of the characters from the previous titles.

As with the previous books this story is told from, multiple POV’s which I adore. For me it always helps to give more insight to what each character is thinking. Getting each take on what happened at that point in the story. I love it.

Once again, Normandie’s knack for character and scene descriptions made this another amazing story.

Charmaine is a spoiled bratty rich girl with a need for drama and attention. She tends to cause pandemonium in her life, which in the end hurts no one but herself. She needs someone to keep her grounded. In walks or rather slams Hunter a sexy dominating firefighter. Hunter’s appearance in her life definitely ends up saving Charmaine from self-destructing. Charmaine doesn't trust easily having only been abandoned and disappointed by the men in her life.

When Hunter comes crashing into her life literally as he saves her from a fire in her penthouse she does not go easily. His fireman and dominate side have him giving her a good spanking and slinging her over his shoulder in order to get her out of danger. Talk about sexy alpha male! Whoa! My kind of male character.

Hunter has his own issues. His pride tends to get in his way of having good relationships with woman. His own insecurities about his poor upbringing tend to disrupt his relationships. Hunter needs to feel needed he has that strong alpha male way about him that craves a woman who needs him to take care of her. Charmaine turns out to be exactly what Hunter needs.
Normandie did not disappoint when it comes to the sex scenes in this installment. As with the other books they are hot! hot! hot!.

In the end, this couple comes together in love, trust, and happiness and I was so happy for them. They both found a love they could cherish and count on.

Alleman’s writing is amazing; the stories flow so nicely together. I love how the author writes about two very different people coming together and building a relationship with real problems and real struggles. It was a pleasure to go on the journey with this couple and the couples in the previous books as they begin to influence and transform each other. They become closer and learn that they can have a place of love and happiness in each other’s arms.

This is a standalone with an HEA for a wonderful couple.


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