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Positive Changes Bundle, 3 in 1 Bundle: Belief Change, How to Change Your Life, and Self-Improvement For a Better You

The world is made of beliefs. Everything you see, hear, touch, taste, and feel is created from or interpreted by beliefs. Some of them are unique to you, but the majority originate from your environment. You were born into a world full of beliefs, and as you grew up, you were socialized into accepting those beliefs as true. As we grow up, it's very common to forget that we've accepted these belief systems as the 'right answer. We've agreed to the beliefs and take them as 'the truth.' Then, at some point in our lives, for whatever reason, we decide to change something about ourselves. We work hard at making these changes, struggling against ourselves, hoping to surmount a lifetime of conditioning and habit. It is also critical to develop the self-confidence you need to carry you through to the realization of your goals.

This bundle will help you learn how to change your beliefs and transform your life into what you truly want. It will teach you how to build your self-confidence and self-esteem but will also teach you how to have balance so you don’t become over-confident or too self-defeating.

This 3 in 1 bundle includes the following audiobooks:
Belief Change: The Essential Guide on How Changing Your Beliefs Can Transform Your Life and Help You Live The Life You Truly WantHow to Change Your Life: The Ultimate Guide on How to Make Changes in Your Physical, Mental, Psychic and Spiritual Life to Help You Become Your Best SelfSelf-Improvement For a Better You: The Ultimate Guide on How to Improve Yourself. Learn Useful Tips On How You Can Achieve Success By Constantly Improving Yourself and Unlocking Your Highest Potential
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Marcus Mulenga
hr min
August 31
Eye On Sound