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Have you been thinking of getting a puppy, but the thought of potty training has kept you from taking the leap? Is the entire idea of potty training too confusing? If so, this audiobook is for you!

This audiobook will explain the importance behind what you feed your dog and how that relates to getting your pup potty trained. The types of daily food and treats that are considered best for your pup are also included.

You will also find information on the best kinds of exercise and how much is good for your dog, along with how exercise helps prevent accidents in the house.

This audiobook also includes information on the importance of routine, not only in potty training but also in their day to day life. Tips for training your pup, a list of easier and harder to potty train dogs, the best ways to positively reinforce your pup, homemade treat recipes, and the average length of potty training are also included.

This audiobook will also be useful to you if you have not yet added a puppy to your family but are curious about the potty training process and what to expect, what dogs are easiest to potty train, or even if you have recently purchased a puppy but are feeling stuck in the potty training process.

The content of this audiobook will be helpful regardless of where you are at in your potty training journey, and even includes a few tips relating to general puppy training, recipes to make at home, and different kinds of inside bathroom solution are at your disposal.

Getting a new addition to the family can often be an exciting, yet stressful experience and this audiobook are here to help you navigate those waters as easily and smoothly as possible.

What you will find in this audiobook:

Dry food vs. wet food for your puppy
Foods to avoid giving your puppy
A healthy snack for your puppy
Great exercises for your puppy
The most common ways to potty train your puppy
Tips on how to tell if your puppy is at a healthy weight
Sample potty training schedules for your puppy
How you can speed up the potty training process
How to handle inevitable potty accidents
Puppy potty pads and dog litter boxes
How positive reinforcement is more effective than scolding
What you should expect from potty training
How to teach your dog to ring a bell

If you think these things could benefit you in your knowledge, get this audiobook now!

Doug Greene
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September 17
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