Powers and Thrones: A New History of the Middle Ages (Unabridged‪)‬

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"Not only an engrossing read about the distant past, both informative and entertaining, but also a profoundly thought-provoking view of our not-really-so-‘new’ present . . . All medieval history is here, beautifully narrated . . . The vision takes in whole imperial landscapes but also makes room for intimate portraits of key individuals, and even some poems."—Wall Street Journal

"A lively history . . . [Jones] has managed to touch every major topic. As each piece of the puzzle is placed into position, the modern world gradually comes into view . . . Powers and Thrones provides the reader with a framework for understanding a complicated subject, and it tells the story of an essential era of world history with skill and style."—The New York Times

The New York Times bestselling author returns with an epic history of the medieval world—a rich and complicated reappraisal of an era whose legacy and lessons we are still living with today.

When the once-mighty city of Rome was sacked by barbarians in 410 and lay in ruins, it signaled the end of an era--and the beginning of a thousand years of profound transformation. In a gripping narrative bursting with big names—from St Augustine and Attila the Hun to the Prophet Muhammad and Eleanor of Aquitaine—Dan Jones charges through the history of the Middle Ages. Powers and Thrones takes readers on a journey through an emerging Europe, the great capitals of late Antiquity, as well as the influential cities of the Islamic West, and culminates in the first European voyages to the Americas.

The medieval world was forged by the big forces that still occupy us today: climate change, pandemic disease, mass migration, and technological revolutions. This was the time when the great European nationalities were formed; when the basic Western systems of law and governance were codified; when the Christian Churches matured as both powerful institutions and the regulators of Western public morality; and when art, architecture, philosophical inquiry and scientific invention went through periods of massive, revolutionary change.

The West was rebuilt on the ruins of an empire and emerged from a state of crisis and collapse to dominate the world. Every sphere of human life and activity was transformed in the thousand years covered by Powers and Thrones. As we face a critical turning point in our own millennium, Dan Jones shows that how we got here matters more than ever.

Dan Jones
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November 9
Penguin Audio

Customer Reviews

denniesmit ,

Great company for long runs

I wouldn't want to read this as it is long and a dit dense. But it is fantastic for running (or biking, driving, etc). Very interesting. A period in history I did not know much about told in an engaging way.

WesEllisJones ,

Powers and Thrones

This book is a great read! It’s like watching him on television, but you’re listening to him instead.

greenkillabad87 ,

Left-wing historical revisionism, do not buy

Critical theory in action. This book about medieval history continuously ties history to common Marxist themes of isms and phobias. Climate change plays leading role, as does bigotry and white nationalism. This book exists to reinforce state doctrine that western culture is a ruinous thing that has always been the source of suffering in the world. Jones tells a story with enough history to give it perceived credibility to allow the message of critical consciousness to pass unnoticed to ignorant ears, like a poisoned pill coated in plastic.

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